For me inspiration is happiness, much desired but elusive. It is the fuel that powers motivation and makes for possibilities.

I force myself to start on a new work, make that first mark. If I surrender doubt, I get lost in the process of painting. Creativity is an adventure that generates its own form of inspiration.

In my life I have felt like a negative soul. Still it seems the act of creation is an act of optimism.

Four Small Works


I just posted these 10″x 10″ paintings on Ugallery. It is an art website that sells and markets artwork. They take a 50% commission but they also do help get your work seen. As paintings pile up I am starting to look at more ways to sell my work. I really enjoy having my paintings in a physical gallery but these days there are a lot of other options!

Sea & Sky

I have finished two more paintings recently. These are continuations of a theme I started last spring. That theme is essentially a study in atmosphere and emptiness in landscape painting.

Both paintings are acrylic paint on plexiglass. “Cloud and Sea” is 20″ x 20″ and Water’s Lullaby is 18″ x 18″. I think the cloud painting is the most successful, it has a moody ethereal felling that I like. Which painting do you prefer and why?

More and more I want to reduce my imagery down to a minimal form and allow the paint to be the subtle star of the show. If only I didn’t have to work a day job! But the isolating night is a pretty ideal setting for this type of imagery… the trick is staying motivated and awake.