Ballad of the fatted calf


The fatted calf scampered over to the fence. He assumed my presence at the wire signaled it was time for me to feed him! ‘Twas  the other way round.

Note: This is a work of fiction. The calf, lovingly called “fatty”, has many sunny days ahead, presumably.

This is a painting I just varnished today. It is an 18″ x 18″ acrylic painting. The unusual textures throughout were predominantly created with a small squeegee and a palette knife. The very short story was something that occurred to me when I was out shooting reference shots of cows in some of the local fields. I felt guilty the way they would come running up to the fence and all I had to offer was a smile…

Dust Portrait

Dust PortraitI’m making a number of pretty large cow portraits. So far they are all 20″x20″. I’m trying to strike that balance between subtle atmosphere and interesting brush work/mark making. The paint in this one is harmonizing with the shining texture beneath the surface.

Last weekend I took a lot of reference photos not only of the ocean but of pastural scenery and the incarcerated cow. It seems there is no such thing as too much reference.



This was a self-portrait I did as an experiment. It is composed of 4 paintings on plexiglass of my mug from slightly different angles. The underlying paintings were done with warm translucent colors. The top most painting is the boldest with the darkest values. I stacked them all in a frame which created an intriguing result. There is a very physical depth between the paintings that gives it a real sense of volume.

I photographed it from different angles to give you an idea how the color shifts and the image changes.