Looking up


Clouds are endlessly fascinating to me, particularly when there is a bit of blue Sky visible! These three paintings are 10″x10″ cloud studies I recently finished. I am hoping to paint some large cinematic skies I the coming months, I will do a lot of small studies first!




Schweitzer Mountain

I am finally living in North Idaho. Not really moved in and there are a lot of giant loose ends but I’m catching the tail end of summer!

My sister and her family came out for my first official week here. We took a really fun outing up Schweitzer Mountain. We road the chair lift up to the 6,400 foot summit then hiked down 2.5 miles (2,440 feet elevation change) to the ski village. It was a breathtaking vista and a beautiful sunny day. We carried to go cup drinks up the chair lift and snacked on mountain huckleberries most of the way down the mountain.

What a great day!