Morning Smoke

The terrible forest fires of the west this summer were heartbreaking. The only silver lining was the incredible sunrise and sunsets but I hope we don’t see more fires in coming years… seems to be the way things are headed though.

This painting is 24”x36” acrylic and open acrylic paint.

Waves of Pend Oreille 

As the seasons change and the snow marches down the mountains I am seeing a lot more days like I represented in this painting. This one is 48”x36” painted on a 2” cradled board. I recently sold off a big painting so I had the perfect space available on my studio wall.

I have a few solo shows coming up in the next 5 months so odds are this one will be doing some traveling. 

In the dark

This is a 14”x11” acrylic painting. There is an intriguing quality to the slick silvery body of a trout, it makes for a compelling subject. They are one of the creatures that live in that big body of water I have become fairly obsessed with so it is nice to pay tribute to the mighty rainbow trout.